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  • For a new student of IUB, he/she has to take participate in 'Library Literacy Session' to know about the basic funcitions, services and facilities provided by the IUB library. In the session He/She has to fill-up a prescribed form alongwith online membership form through computer terminal. If he/she missed the session, later on he/she has opportunity to become the member.

  • A new student has to show his Money Receipt of admission alongwith Identity Card to concern officials at library. After proving himself as a valid student of IUB he/she has to submit a prescribed Membership Form along with one copy of passport sized recent photograph. Moreover, online submission is also mandatory to activate the membership.

  • For a faculty or official of IUB, he/she has to show his appointment letter to concern officials at library. After proving himself as a valid employee of IUB he/she has to submit a prescribed Membership Form along with one copy of passport sized recent photograph. In addition, the library official will contact Accounts and Finance Department to verify his/her Employee ID. After entering the details of the faculty or official in library database he/she can be treated as a member of the IUB Library.

  • For a student, his/her membership is valid up to two days before the deadline of each semester.

  • To activate membership he/she has to show his Money Receipt of admission or Identity Card to concern officials at library. Then the concerned official verify and update his/her details from the library database. After updating his/her details the membership will be activated for current semester.

  • At present, as per circulation rule, An undergraduate student himself/herself may borrow (03 books + 03 BooksCD/DVD) + 1 Movie, and graduate student himself/herself may borrow (05 books + 05 BooksCD/DVD) + 2 Movies respectively.

  • An undergraduate student himself/herself may retain for 10 days and and a graduate student is for 15 days.

  • It depends on user type and circulation policy, as we have implemented Open Source Library Management System, so we are in a transition way to test all the opportunities which is better for our users as one function is related to other. However, currently the scope of 1 time renewal option is available for the students.

  • If a student has any valid cause to delay for returning materials, he has to proof the evidence i.e. medical certificate for any seriously ill students etc. Here a student has to apply to the head of the library for remission.

  • A user can contact with a member of library officials through phone or mail. Here is a list of IUB Library officials.

  • Anybody can search IUB Library online catalogue through its user friendly Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), the link is in IUB Library home page. Just check that how much we have made your life easy. The link is

  • A user can find here the timetable
    During the Semester
    Sun to Wed: 8.30 am - 9.30 pm
    Thurs : 8.30 am - 7.00 pm
    Friday & Sat : 10.30 am - 7.00 pm
    During Semester Break
    Sunday-Thursday: 8:30 am-5:00 pm
    Friday & Saturday : Closed

  • A user can get his answer here [... ] for lending or borrowing procedures.

  • IUB Library materials shelved at different floors according to subject. A user can find the location of his/her books on required subject through OPAC search. However, General books are shelved in level 4 and Reserved/Reference books are shelved in the level 5.

  • If a student fails to return the Library materials on time he/she will have to pay fine. The fine is for general collection Tk.10/= per day and for reserved collection Tk.10/= per hour. Overdue fine should be calculated from the date/time mentioned on the due slip of the material.

  • If a user lost a book he/she has to replace that item. If he/she failed to replace then he/she has to pay the double cost of the item.

  • IUB Library purchases the following daily newspaper The Daily Ittefaq, The Daily Prothom Alo, The Daily Kaler Kantha, The Daily Sangbad, The Daily Janakantha, The Daily Yugantor, The Daily Samakal, The Daily Star, The New Nation, The Financial Express, The New Age, The daily Sun and The Dhaka Tribune.

  • IUB Library has a good collection of Audio-Video Cassette, DVD and CD-ROM. A user can use its all types of CDs.

  • Any journal that is available over the Internet can be called an 'electronic journal' or 'ejournal'. Some ejournals are freely available; others have charging mechanisms of different types. Some are issued by established publishers; others are produced from an individual academic's office. For established journal titles, the numbers with electronic versions are growing rapidly. Most of the large journal publishers, particularly in the science and business area already produce electronic versions and there are now several thousand ejournal titles in existence. Some electronic journals can be accessed from some limited PC of IUB. Access may depend on the payment of an institutional subscription.

  • Please visit this Research Support page for details.

  • Links of the subscribed e-resources are apeared in the library website. As the access is IP-based, so user can access through any net connected device (PC, Laptop, Mobile, PDA etc) from IUB campus. However, off-campus or remote access is also possible through 'athens login' and personalization of databases.

  • For faculty and officials membership contact any duty officer at Circulation Desk. For the students, resource person for the 'library literacy/orientation session' is responsible for the membership.

  • IUB faculty, official, student and alumni who has valid membership of IUB Library can use IUB Library.

  • Any faculty or any student who has valid User Name and Login ID can search Internet at library. However, the user must follow the rules and regulation of using internet.

  • Current journals are kept on 5th level of the library.

  • Back issues are kept on 6th level in archive and preservation section of the library.

  • A user can get internship/project bound at 5th level of the library.

  • A user can get LFE (Live in Field Experience) report at respective seminar library or 5th level which are deposited.

  • A user can get the facility of OPAC searching from any computer from E-resource browsing area, however a desicated PC for OPAC searching is available at 4th level of the library

  • At present 5th level accommodates Audio-video section.