The Quarterly Journal of Economics

Impact Factor: 19.013; 5 Year Impact Factor: 27.285; No 1 out of 379 Economics Journals

The Quarterly Journal of Economics is the oldest professional journal of economics in the English language. Edited at Harvard University's Department of Economics, it covers all aspects of the field. QJE is invaluable to professional and academic economists and students around the world.

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Journal of Economic Literature

Impact Factor: 6.614

The Journal of Economic Literature (JEL), first published in 1969, is designed to help economists keep abreast of and synthesize the vast flow of literature.

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JSTOR: 1969-2019

Journal of Political Economy

Impact Factor: 5.504

One of the oldest and most prestigious journals in economics, the Journal of Political Economy (JPE) has since 1892 presented significant research and scholarship in economic theory and practice. The journal aims to publish highly selective, widely cited articles of current relevance that will have a long-term impact on economics research. JPE's analytical, interpretive, and empirical studies in a number of areas—including monetary theory, fiscal policy, labor economics, development, micro- and macroeconomic theory, international trade and finance, industrial organization, and social economics—are essential reading for all economists wishing to keep up with substantive new research in the discipline.

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JSTOR: 1892-2016

Review of Financial Studies

Impact Factor: 8.414

With a focus on financial economics, this journal, published on behalf of the Society for Financial Studies, accepts both theoretical and empirical papers which fit in the intersection between finance and economics.

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The Review of Economic Studies

Impact Factor: 7.833; 5 Year Impact Factor: 8.409

The Review was founded in 1933 by a group of young British and American Economists. It is published by The Review of Economic Studies Ltd, whose objective is to encourage research in theoretical and applied economics, especially by young economists, and to publish the results in the Journal. The Review of Economic Studies is essential reading for economists. It is one of the core economics journals, consistently ranking among the top five titles.

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The Review of Economics and Statistics

Impact Factor: 6.481

The Review of Economics and Statistics is a 100-year-old general journal of applied (especially quantitative) economics. Edited at the Harvard Kennedy School, the Review has published some of the most important articles in empirical economics. From time to time, the Review also publishes collections of papers or symposia devoted to a single topic of methodological or empirical interest.

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JSTOR: 1919-2016

American Economic Review

Impact Factor: 5.558

The American Economic Review is a general-interest economics journal. Established in 1911, the AER is among the nation's oldest and most respected scholarly journals in economics.

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JSTOR: 1911-2019

Journal of Economic Geography

Impact Factor: 5.117; 5-Year Impact Factor: 5.509

The aims of the Journal of Economic Geography are to redefine and reinvigorate the intersection between economics and geography, and to provide a world-class journal in the field. The journal is steered by a distinguished team of Editors and an Editorial Board, drawn equally from the two disciplines. It publishes original academic research and discussion of the highest scholarly standard in the field of 'economic geography' broadly defined. Submitted papers are refereed, and are evaluated on the basis of their creativity, quality of scholarship, and contribution to advancing understanding of the geographic nature of economic systems and global economic change.

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Environmental and Resource Economics

Impact Factor: 4.955; 5 Year Impact Factor: 4.042

The primary concern of Environmental & Resource Economics is the application of economic theory and methods to environmental issues and problems that require detailed analysis in order to improve management strategies. The contemporary environmental debate is in a constant state of flux, with new or relatively unexplored topics continually emerging. The Journal provides a forum for the further exploration of causes, consequences and policy responses linked to these topics, across a range of spatial and temporal scales up to the global dimension. Areas of particular interest include evaluation and development of instruments of environmental policy; cost-benefit and cost effectiveness analysis; sectoral environmental policy impact analysis; modeling and simulation; institutional arrangements; resource pricing and the valuation of environmental goods; and indicators of environmental quality.

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Journal of the European Economic Association

Impact Factor: 4.301; 5 Year Impact Factor: 5.502

The Journal of the European Economic Association has a worldwide reputation for publishing articles of the highest scientific quality in theoretical and empirical economics for a global audience.

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Journal of Financial Econometrics

Impact Factor: 3.976; 5 Year Impact Factor: 4.922

Financial econometrics has become one of the most active areas of research in econometrics. The Journal of Financial Econometrics is dedicated to this fast-growing field. The Journal addresses substantive statistical issues raised by the tremendous growth of the financial industry over the last decades. The goal of the Journal is to reflect and advance the relationship between econometrics and finance, both at the methodological and at the empirical levels.

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Journal of Economic Growth

Impact Factor: 3.917; 5 Year Impact Factor: 8.619

The Journal of Economic Growth serves as the principal outlet for research in the fields of economic growth and comparative economic development. The journal publishes high quality research that explores the growth process in the contemporary period as well as over the entire course of human history. In particular, the journal encourages the submission of research that explores the role of income distribution, the demographic transition, human capital formation, technological change, and structural transformation in the growth process, as well as the role deeply-rooted geographical, cultural, institutional and human characteristics in the comparative economic development.

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Economic Policy

Impact Factor: 3.844;

Economic Policy provides timely and authoritative analyses of the choices confronting policymakers. The subject matter ranges from the study of how individual markets can and should work to the broadest interactions in the world economy.

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The Economic Journal

Impact Factor: 3.721; 5-Year Impact Factor: 4.919

The Economic Journal is one of the founding journals of modern economics. Since 1891 the journal has provided a platform for high-quality, imaginative economic research, earning a worldwide reputation for excellence as a general interest journal, publishing papers in all fields of economics for a broad international readership. The Economic Journal welcomes submissions whether they be theoretical, applied, or orientated towards academics or policymakers. The Editorial Board are drawn from leading international institutions and cover a wide range of expertise. As well as providing the reader with a broad spectrum of high-quality, stimulating papers the Editorial Board is committed to providing rapid feedback to submitting authors.

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Journal of International Economic Law

Impact Factor: 3.160; 5 Year Impact Factor: 2.342

The Journal of International Economic Law is dedicated to encouraging thoughtful and scholarly attention to a very broad range of subjects that concern the relation of law to international economic activity, by providing the major English language medium for publication of high-quality manuscripts relevant to the endeavours of scholars, government officials, legal professionals, and others.

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The Econometrics Journal

Impact Factor: 3.071; 5 Year Impact Factor: 4.602

The Econometrics Journal was established in 1998 by the Royal Economic Society to promote the general advancement and application of econometric methods and techniques to problems of relevance to modern economics.

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Review of Economics of the Household

Impact Factor: 2.943; 5 Year Impact Factor: 2.456

The Review of Economics of the Household publishes empirical and theoretical research on the economic behavior and decision-making processes of single and multi-person households. The journal emphasizes economic analyses on the effects of policy instruments on household decisions, macroeconomic applications, and research on economic development. Not wedded to particular models nor methods, the journal fosters high quality research using a variety of approaches.

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The World Bank Economic Review

Impact Factor: 2.622; 5 Year Impact Factor: 3.010

The mission of The World Bank Economic Review is to encourage and support research in the field of development economics. We seek to publish and disseminate innovative theoretical and empirical research that identifies, analyzes, measures, and evaluates the macro and micro-economic forces that promote or impede economic development with a view towards providing the knowledge necessary for designing, implementing, and sustaining effective development policies in low and middle income countries. Our intended audience comprises a worldwide readership of economists and other social scientists in government, business, international agencies, universities, and research institutions.

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Journal of Development Studies

Impact Factor: 2.519; 5 Year Impact Factor: 2.726

The Journal of Development Studies was the first and is one of the best known international journals in the area of development studies. Since its foundation in 1964, it has published many seminal articles on development and opened up new areas of debate.

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Journal of Productivity Analysis

Impact Factor: 2.500; 5 Year Impact Factor: 2.836

The Journal of Productivity Analysis publishes theoretical and applied research addressing the measurement, analysis, and improvement of productivity. The journal’s empirical research papers apply theory and techniques to the measurement of productivity and set forth implications for managerial strategies and public policy to enhance productivity.

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