The Library’s collection is geared to the information pertinent to its curriculum and services. Most of the collections of the IUB Library are closely related to the university’s courses and those are classified, catalogued and displayed using international professional standards. The Library resources include books, periodicals, university catalogues, newspapers, audiocassettes, video cassettes, DVD/CDs, data disks etc. At present the users of IUB Central Library and other unit Libraries like, Environment Management Library and Population Libraryhave accessed to around 24,924 books, 2617 Audio-Visual Materials, 146 current periodicals and 12 national daily newspapers in both Bangla and English. IUB Library users can access more than 20,000 online journals at present.

The Library has exploited the latest information technology to improve services and operating efficiency. Catalogues, information searching issue of stocks and return of those have been automated and the ranges of information available to clients have been increasing.

Broad Category

The resources those the IUB Library is collecting broadly categorized into the following sixteen areas:

  •  Art, Culture and History
  •  Business
  •  Chemistry and Physics
  •  Communication
  •  Computer science
  •  Economics
  •  Education
  •  Engineering
  •  Environment Management
  •   Health and Population
  •  Language and Literature
  •   Mathematics and Statistics
  •   Political Science and Public Administration
  •  Science - General
  •  Social Science
  •  General Collection (not covered anywhere)


The Library has been receiving a large number of titles of periodicals every year. These are in form of Bulletin, Journal, Research paper, Review, Magazine etc.